West Java High Mountain Green Tea
Taste to feel the healthy mountain tea! Stand for the real taste of fresh and pure green tea from high mountains in West Java, Indonesia.
Each drop of the Xian Lu Green Tea is extracted from the fresh and tender green tea leaves. It contains Catechin as a natural anti-oxidant to resist Free Radical which induces the aging problem for us. Xian Lu green tea brings the delicate scent with the perfect mixture of pure green tea and jasmine.
Taste and Enjoy The Pureness Scent of High Mountain Green Tea
Each green tea leaf is plucked from the altitude of 1200-2000-meters-high mountains in West Java, Indonesia. Because of the special geographical environment, West Java is potential of Geothermal energy and the climate helps to build natural fertile soils which can cultivate the flourishing and fresh green tea trees. Let you taste and enjoy the real and pureness scent of high mountains green tea!
“Ban Ming” means “drink tea” in Chinese literally, this is not only a traditional artistic culture but the efficacy of prolonging healthy life has been rumored, never changed. Something has been changing, that is people's lifestyle. Green tea, has became a trendy healthy drink. The leaf of green tea has not been fermented but evaporated, so it takes a longer time in process. All tea leaves contains Catechin, green tea conserves its nutriment entirely and contains more Catechin than red tea and black tea due to the leaf process.
Green tea contains rich Polyphenols which is the best advantage as for anti-oxidization. There are 30 categories of Polyphenols such as Flavonides, Anthocyanins, Phenolic acids and 70% of Catechin. According to the medical research proved, the anti-oxidization efficacy of Catechin helps to protect heart, bloody vessel and joints. Catechin helps to resist Free Radical which causes the oxidization for human; it can easily attach onto Protein to obstruct the harmful germs, stabilize blood pressure and blood sugar level to prevent diabetes.
Catechin contains Epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCG) which helps to reduce quantity of cholesterol and triglyceride but to increase High-Density Lipoprotein Cholesterol (which we known as “good cholesterol” ) for preventing heart disease.
The Food Safety Management [HACCP] System Certificate
STC Plasticizer of Xian Lu Green Tea Test Report
STC Plasticizer of Xian Lu Green Tea (Bottle) Test Report
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