Have you ever dreamt to make a professional and delicious cake at home? Pondan, the cake expert can! Now, you will become the Pastry Chef to make a wonderful and delicious cake but only need the basic and simple cooking tools.

Pondan was founded in 1978 with more than several years professional practice to manufacture the most convenient and home-made cake flour and other dessert flour products. Pondan’s products are made by using finest quality of wheat flour, corn starch and skim milk powder with various fresh and seasonal ingredients.
Pandan Chiffon Cake Mix
-- Reserves the traditional flavour of Malaysia
Pandan is a tropical plant in Southeast Asian. It is an upright, green plant with fan-shaped sprays of long, narrow and blade-like leaves. It contains antioxidants with functions to release summer heat and soothe the nerves. Its special natural aroma can be enriched the flavour of foods and cakes. Almost every Malaysian’s family plants Pandan leaves by themselves and uses it for cooking or add the leaves abstract into water for drink. The most popular is to use Pandan to make cake and become the most favorite Pandan Cake for Malaysian. Thus, the cake expert of Pondan especially formulates the convenience Pandan Chiffon Cake Mix with selected fresh Pandan leaves as aroma ingredient and matches with skim milk powder. A traditional Malaysian Pandan cake with very light and moist in texture as well as the irresistible Pandan aroma will definitely be the love of your family.
Brownie & Cookie Mix --- Temptation of Rich Chocolate
Rich, smooth, aromatic of the full­-body chocolate, combined with cakey and dense, sprinkled with powdered sugar, served with chopped chocolates and almonds or nuts, this is the temptation of Brownie Cake which is originated from the United States and prevalent in recent world. Therefore, Pondan, the cake expert who tailor­-makes a simple but professional home­-made Brownie & Cookie Mix for you and let you easily to make and enjoy your loved brownie cake at home. Now, you can take a cup of coffee or tea and taste a piece of brownie with your dearest friend and families.

Sometimes you may want to eat cookies instead of brownies that you can do it easily. Pondan Brownie & Cookie Mix has two functions which can be used for baking brownie and cookie. Thus, it is so easy to make and enjoy a wonderful and delicious cookie with rich butter aroma, crumbly, chewy raisin and chopped chocolate. Pondan Brownie & Cookie Mix is the best choice for dessert lovers.
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